In 6 billion years.

We’d be dead in 6 billion years. In 6 billion years this day would have dissipated from our minds, it’s imprint would be nothingness on our hearts that would have long stopped beating. In 6 billion years, we would be dust and shadows and every atom in our beings would be replaced into this universe: again.

Are you afraid? Because you should be.

But in 6 billion years when the sun runs out of fuel, and our souls are somewhere in the heavens, would there be enough of us to regret what we haven’t said? This moment rapidly slipping through our fingers is laced with conflict, to be a mimicry of a cliché or to wait for it all to make sense?

There is no time. You’re losing it as you’re reading this. Is it courage you lack, courage to be vulnerable, to open your heart raw to what is true, and to wait for it to be wounded, inevitable however that is?

Are you afraid? Because you should be.

The horrors of your past surface to the forefront of your mind, the pain… why would you want to go through those waters once again? You might take a leap of faith but you wonder what’s at stake. The years it took you to settle into a mould of someone that you now not entirely hate.

It is too much to ask of yourself now. And you wonder. And time is running out. And you’re wondering.

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