You’re in your room and night has settled into its final resting place until dawn would decide to wake him up and ask him to leave.

And he brings with it a silence, that continues to haunt the lonely, clutch at the throats of the anxious, wrings the desperate to their very bones, a silence that won’t fit into his resting place.

A silence that continues to travel on the vast terrains unheedful of night who has given himself up to sleep.

You’re in your room and the silence slowly crawls its way in through the small cracks in the window, the unsealed windowsills, the tiny bits of openings in your heart, to the only glowing lamp in your room, it teases its way into your head, it refuses to make a sound but if you shut your eyes tight and strain your ears, you might just hear its footsteps, they echo in silence.

It drags its feet across the floor, it screeches in that hushed monotone of his, it changes forms as it appears in front of you. Like a shape-changer. Like Tessa. And it leaves as quietly after it has sucked every ounce of life out of you. Like a Death Eater.

You welcome it with open arms as if you were waiting for a long lost friend to come back. You sit with it in silence, you tend to each others wounds. After an eternity, it picks up and leaves. It has been at war with dawn for a while now.

-Dua K.

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